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All about the beef…or is it?

A little look at #BeefBash17

 “This is more than a celebration of marbling.” President John Stika said that as he kicked off the CAB brand annual conference in Nashville. The event was dubbed #BeefBash17 and the street barbecue the night before featured more high-quality beef than I’d ever seen in one place before. It was delicious and photogenic—I watched food […]

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Not just a carcass program

Basin Angus ranch wins CAB honors for long-term focus on many traits

“Are you patient?” I asked Doug Stevenson as he and Sharon showed me around their Columbus, Mont., ranch. The way he half-smirked, thought for a mere second, then chuckled and glanced back at his wife, gave him away. “Maybe I ought to let her answer that.” Sharon’s response? A laugh that told me I hadn’t […]

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Following the calves: Trade-offs, but never satisfied

It’s a trade-off most Montanans welcomed with open arms. Snow in September brought moisture that easily trumped any ideals of a long Indian Summer or an idyllic fall. “We didn’t have a drop of rain starting the 15th of June, and so much hot weather this summer, you couldn’t find green anywhere,” Bruce Keaster says. […]

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Everyday miracle leaves lasting impression

The baby calf got up, wobbled ever so slightly and then confidently turned its attention to nursing. It could be any farm or ranch across the country on any given day, but it just so happens that this day: he had an audience. As the first of two tour buses rounded a corner on a […]

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In Disguise

What kind of news did the Feeding Quality Forum deliver?

It’s easy to write about good news. Even for an optimist like me, it’s not that hard to write about bad news. In good or bad, there’s often a dramatic story to tell. What’s hard to write about? So-so news that’s neither good nor bad. It just is. It’s been a month since the Feeding Quality […]

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