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Meeting of the Minds

producers’ take on CAB Annual Conference

It’s been a busy month for the brand. In the last 30 days we’ve marked the end of one fiscal year and the start of another, surpassed a pretty big milestone (more on that later) and hosted that little thing (note the sarcasm) we call Annual Conference (AC). More often than not, my travels take […]

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Nice little marketing program you’ve got there

“We’re supposed to dress like we’re going to a farm.” My son was convinced that a regular t-shirt and jeans wouldn’t do for his 2nd grade field trip last spring. They were headed to a local farm to do everything from a pasture walk to a tractor ride to learning to rope. Sporting a shirt with […]

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Chuck and Judy Backus accept the 2016 CAB Progressive Partner Award Sept. 24 in Tucson. With CAB Supply Development Director Justin Sexten, left, and President John Stika, right.
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Progressive quality

I first “met” Chuck Backus in the early 2000s. It was before we had a blog so we used the email list then called BLACK-INK. I still have the exchanges but of course can’t find them… Anyway (as he and I both say a lot) the retired Arizona State University provost with a 40,000-acre ranch […]

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On the ranch, On the road

‘Just call Terry Harris’

I recently wrote a pretty detailed feature on Harris Livestock and thought about making that the title. As a girl who’s called Mr. Terry plenty of times and told others to do the same, I figured it was only fitting. Then I sat down with the Georgia cattleman and his wife, Betty, in their Boston, […]

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Following the Calves, On the ranch, On the road

Following the calves: Starting over

Shipping day. It’s like a home builder handing over the keys. An artist, painting the last stroke. An actress on opening night. For a cattle feeder, shipping day is not only the culmination of months of work, it’s also payday. “It’s one of the most difficult things I do as a cattle feeder,” Anne Burkholder, […]

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