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This has been an exciting week for our team. If you’ve stumbled across our website in the past couple days, you may have noticed a couple little changes.

Ok, more than a couple little changes. You may have noticed an entirely re-designed, re-written, re-navigated

You would have also noticed a theme… “Focus on Cattlemen.” I hope that you notice that theme in more places than just where we plainly wrote it on the homepage. I hope you notice that the focus is on you, your cattle, your profitability and your business decisions at every click of your mouse.  

We’ve pooled all our experts, resources and ideas to share the highlights we think are most important to know about the management, genetics, nutrition, health and marketing of high-quality, Angus-type cattle.

Check it out. Browse around. Ask questions. Or,you can answer my questions to win a couple awesome prizes. 

As we worked on creating the new website (, in case you forgot), we asked some of our fellow CAB’ers to take a little quiz, testing how easy it was to navigate and how useful the information was.

So today, because I was so happy for our new site to launch and so thankful for their feedback, we have a pan of these rolls warming in our employee kitchen right now. It’s my way of saying ”thank you” to them for helping us make the website perfect for you. We hope they gave us feedback you will enjoy.

I’d like to say thank you in advance for visiting the new website ( Unfortunately, I can’t send cinnamon rolls to you in the mail. I really would love to; it just doesn’t seem logical.

But I can mail grilling kits. And steak knives. And coffee mugs. 

If you answer these five simple questions, you could find those items in your mailbox soon. Head on over to to find the answers. Leave the answers and the link you found the answer at in your comment.

  1. What are CAB’s EPD recommendations for marbling?
  2. What is one CAB-licensed feedyard in Oklahoma?
  3. How do I certify my cow herd as “CAB”?
  4. How can I contact a CAB beef cattle specialist, and which one is in my region?
  5. What are the five key points to keep in mind when implanting calves to avoid damaging quality grade?  

Anyone who answers all five questions correctly by Monday, Oct. 31 at 5 p.m. EST will win a new set of steak knifes. The first five will also get a stainless steel coffee mug. One lucky commenter will win this professional grilling set.   

So get to clicking and commenting! If you’re stumped and need a navigation hint, send me an email at Enjoy!


Ride along with the Certified Angus Beef supply development team as we work to help cattlemen put more black ink in their record books with cattle management news, tips and ideas to profitably improve quality. CAB is a nonprofit subsidiary of the American Angus Association. It was founded in 1978 as the first fresh beef brand based on specifications, and remains the largest in the world. We spend every day working with cattlemen and women across the country to help them better supply the CAB brand with high-quality beef. Join us for a view from many a pickups' passenger seat.
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