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We were bringing a little preschool friend out to our house for the afternoon. She was a town kid and about every three miles, she’d ask, “Are we ALMOST there?” Turns out 12 miles is a really long way when there’s the anticipation of a playdate. But I get it. I like that sense of […]

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Like father, (not necessarily) like son

I look young for my age. Always have, hopefully always will, so when it comes to spending time with most cattlemen, I naturally slip into the role of student. And it’s a good thing. There’s so much to learn, so many tales to tell. Listening does a life well, I say, particularly when you’re young. […]

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Two for one

Husband and wife duo bring talent to CAB

I often joke with Justin that the best thing about hiring him was his wife, Julie. Of course he knows it’s only a jab, one meant to get a laugh from our team’s funny guy and showcase how, at CAB, a teammate’s family becomes our family. Because, if anything, I’m a sucker for the science […]

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Commitment you recognize

CAB brand seeks nomiantions for annual awards

Just when does the lifelong road to excellence start? For some, it seems it’s inherited as easily as blue eyes or a deep voice. For others, there’s a turning point, some life-changing event that causes a seismic shift in the way they do business or live their lives. I’m always looking for the clues as […]

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Sysco CFL and JAX Ranch Day 1.18.17 - 33
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“Laura, would you mind calling Dr. Freel.” Now there are some exceptions – preg checking, semen testing – where one of our large animal veterinarians is met with smiles when they drive through our gates. Otherwise that request comes with a frustrated shrug. From me, from my family, from anyone who’s reached their limit of […]

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