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Who knows?

You could say I’m the sentimental sort. The shelves of my home and every nook of my mind are filled with little details, mementos, hand-written cards and trinkets that take me to another time and place in a glance or a touch. There’s that hand-embroidered “I love Angus” tea towel that still takes me back […]

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On the ranch

When the cattle call

The plan was to write last night. I was all settled in, candle to my left, sweet tea to my right. Then my phone rang. It was my dad’s ring and, honestly, I hesitated, because I know what those calls carry. “I need your help down here,” he said. And if I could tell you […]

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Maternal instincts, predictable cattle

Following the calves: It’s a two-way street

Some may take offense to comparing a herd of kids to fresh calves or a mom’s eye to maternal instincts, but I don’t think it’s out of line to say ‘fetal programming’ had a role in how each Loseke kid is developing a passion for the beef business. All four were riding feedlot pens in […]

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Following the Calves, On the ranch

When the Plan B scores an A+

Talking Hadrick’s heifers in Following the Calves

Before Mark Sebranek was a cattle feeder, he had a small cow-calf herd. He wanted to feed a load of cattle, get information back and capture more value from his genetic investment. “I was another one of those that some people don’t want to mess with: the small guys,” Mark says, noting he never found […]

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Sysco CFL and JAX Ranch Day 1.18.17 - 33
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“Laura, would you mind calling Dr. Freel.” Now there are some exceptions – preg checking, semen testing – where one of our large animal veterinarians is met with smiles when they drive through our gates. Otherwise that request comes with a frustrated shrug. From me, from my family, from anyone who’s reached their limit of […]

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