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Calves provide confirmation

Following the Calves: New South Dakota babies

Calving season. It doesn’t fit nicely in between 4-H shooting sports practice or drama auditions. Community group meetings don’t stop for it, and spouses don’t “quit their day jobs” for two months. In the middle of my husband’s planting season right now, I’m well aware of that truth. Life goes on amid the crazy. But […]

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Like father, (not necessarily) like son

I look young for my age. Always have, hopefully always will, so when it comes to spending time with most cattlemen, I naturally slip into the role of student. And it’s a good thing. There’s so much to learn, so many tales to tell. Listening does a life well, I say, particularly when you’re young. […]

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Who knows?

You could say I’m the sentimental sort. The shelves of my home and every nook of my mind are filled with little details, mementos, hand-written cards and trinkets that take me to another time and place in a glance or a touch. There’s that hand-embroidered “I love Angus” tea towel that still takes me back […]

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On the ranch

When the cattle call

The plan was to write last night. I was all settled in, candle to my left, sweet tea to my right. Then my phone rang. It was my dad’s ring and, honestly, I hesitated, because I know what those calls carry. “I need your help down here,” he said. And if I could tell you […]

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Maternal instincts, predictable cattle

Following the calves: It’s a two-way street

Some may take offense to comparing a herd of kids to fresh calves or a mom’s eye to maternal instincts, but I don’t think it’s out of line to say ‘fetal programming’ had a role in how each Loseke kid is developing a passion for the beef business. All four were riding feedlot pens in […]

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