Mythbusters, The Meat Market

Three steps for dry-aged beef

A lot of flowery adjectives get tossed around when the topic of dry-aged beef comes up. Some food writers call the process “artisanal.” To others, it’s “old-world” and “earthy.” Those descriptors may be enough to entice intrigued diners to make the leap — and spend the extra $$$ for a dry-aged option — but they fail to […]

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On the ranch, On the road

Who knows?

You could say I’m the sentimental sort. The shelves of my home and every nook of my mind are filled with little details, mementos, hand-written cards and trinkets that take me to another time and place in a glance or a touch. There’s that hand-embroidered “I love Angus” tea towel that still takes me back […]

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On the ranch

When the cattle call

The plan was to write last night. I was all settled in, candle to my left, sweet tea to my right. Then my phone rang. It was my dad’s ring and, honestly, I hesitated, because I know what those calls carry. “I need your help down here,” he said. And if I could tell you […]

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Following the Calves, On the ranch, On the road

Maternal instincts, predictable cattle

Following the calves: It’s a two-way street

Some may take offense to comparing a herd of kids to fresh calves or a mom’s eye to maternal instincts, but I don’t think it’s out of line to say ‘fetal programming’ had a role in how each Loseke kid is developing a passion for the beef business. All four were riding feedlot pens in […]

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Hot topics

Two for one

Husband and wife duo bring talent to CAB

I often joke with Justin that the best thing about hiring him was his wife, Julie. Of course he knows it’s only a jab, one meant to get a laugh from our team’s funny guy and showcase how, at CAB, a teammate’s family becomes our family. Because, if anything, I’m a sucker for the science […]

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