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On the ranch, On the road

The Footsteps We Follow

“Now, I don’t want you to focus on just the carcass on this deal,” he said as we pulled off the gravel road to a pasture approach. It was a soft-spoken plea, not a demand, but still: Gulp. Pit in my stomach. Had something changed in the past 15 years since Senior Editor Steve had […]

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Angus way out there

“You better just let us come to you,” Anjie McConnell told me over the phone. Honestly, I was surprised I even had cell reception on my way to their Wyoming ranch, so I pulled alongside the road and waited. Her husband Mike’s cowboy hat gave them away. “Little Siberia.” That’s what the truck drivers call […]

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These doctors have a new prescription

Revisit your old rules for backgrounding cattle

A dozen years ago when my husband got his master’s degree in agronomy, he was doing work in precision ag. Looking for ways to reduce phosphorus runoff from manure application, he applied it at varying depths. Yield monitors, grid soil sampling and GPS guidance helped chart results. Ever since, I’ve generally tied precision ag squarely […]

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On the ranch, The Purpose Driven Herd

Turning point

When I signed on with this brand in 1998, the world was just waking up to it as some kind of overnight success, more than 20 years in the making. I had black cows as a sideline to my profession as editor of Beef Today, and knew CAB was spoken as the three letters rather […]

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Stika at Cudlobe Farm
On the ranch

A Story So Good Even the Dog Wants to Listen

Certified Angus Beef President John Stika shares insights with Canadian ranchers.

Dyce Bolduc was a teenager when he bought his first Angus cows at an auction in Alberta, Canada. It was 1967 and Angus calves sold at a discount. Dyce and his brother David distinctly remember market reports that included the phrase “and the black calves sold for 10 cents less.” Not a good market signal […]

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