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Angus way out there

“You better just let us come to you,” Anjie McConnell told me over the phone. Honestly, I was surprised I even had cell reception on my way to their Wyoming ranch, so I pulled alongside the road and waited. Her husband Mike’s cowboy hat gave them away. “Little Siberia.” That’s what the truck drivers call […]

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Good stories, part II

“She’s a farm girl,” I overheard him tell his wife, Susan, on the phone. “You can tell by her boots. We’ll get along just fine.” Sitting shotgun in his truck, Rick Gurley was right. He’d tipped his hat when we exchanged pleasantries, barely made it across the cattle guard to his place near Huntsville when […]

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On the ranch

When the cattle call

The plan was to write last night. I was all settled in, candle to my left, sweet tea to my right. Then my phone rang. It was my dad’s ring and, honestly, I hesitated, because I know what those calls carry. “I need your help down here,” he said. And if I could tell you […]

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Maternal instincts, predictable cattle

Following the calves: It’s a two-way street

Some may take offense to comparing a herd of kids to fresh calves or a mom’s eye to maternal instincts, but I don’t think it’s out of line to say ‘fetal programming’ had a role in how each Loseke kid is developing a passion for the beef business. All four were riding feedlot pens in […]

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The herd that calmed my nerves

I woke up nervous. Let’s be real, I went to sleep nervous and a few hours of rest didn’t eliminate that feeling in my gut. I was headed to a ranch, there was a lot of snow and I had never photographed cattle in that white stuff before. But if there’s ever a family to […]

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