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Mythbusters, The Meat Market

Three steps for dry-aged beef

A lot of flowery adjectives get tossed around when the topic of dry-aged beef comes up. Some food writers call the process “artisanal.” To others, it’s “old-world” and “earthy.” Those descriptors may be enough to entice intrigued diners to make the leap — and spend the extra $$$ for a dry-aged option — but they fail to […]

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Following the Calves, On the ranch, On the road

Maternal instincts, predictable cattle

Following the calves: It’s a two-way street

Some may take offense to comparing a herd of kids to fresh calves or a mom’s eye to maternal instincts, but I don’t think it’s out of line to say ‘fetal programming’ had a role in how each Loseke kid is developing a passion for the beef business. All four were riding feedlot pens in […]

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On the ranch, On the road

That is adaptability

Adaptable (adjective): able to adjust oneself readily to various conditions On Monday evening a few weeks ago, I began my internship with the Black Ink team. I was nervous. While it’s exciting, the unknown terrifies me, and the possibility of making mistakes and the nagging thought of being in over my head weighed heavily on […]

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Hot topics

Making your beef shine

Conference celebrates successes, showcases beef

Maybe it’s because I have five kids (7 and under), and supper time at the Reiman house can be a slightly chaotic event. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time wishing that consumers understood how much effort and passion goes into raising beef. Or maybe it’s just the simple, unedited “like you were there” feel of this […]

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Don’t call them leftovers

Move over wings, there’s beef at the bar

I’ll admit it: I spend too much time on Pinterest. It’s often from my Android tablet late at night when I should be sleeping, but I’ve also been known to pull up the app on my phone while I wait at a doctor’s office, for a meeting, at the car wash. While some see it […]

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