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Angus everywhere blog post
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Angus, Angus everywhere

Angus confusion. After more than a decade on the job, it feels like old news. But every time a new chain carries “Angus beef” it comes up again. When a retail giant like Wal-Mart announces it’s selling Angus beef, and then some news outlets report somebody’s definition of what that means—Angus confusion is back in […]

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Good stories, part I

Rick Gurley’s a storyteller. You know the kind. Dissatisfied with a simple synopsis, driven by detail, he’ll settle into a memory and take you back with him for the ride. Life, love, Angus cattle – we talked and laughed about it all. The year was 2001. Rick was sentenced to couch arrest. i.e. six weeks […]

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A chef without a restaurant

A cattleman without cattle, well is he a cattleman after all? How about a chef without a restaurant? Regardless of life’s circumstances, to know a rancher is to know there’s no shaking that title. I’d say the same is true of the apron wearers. I met Chef Eric Zizka in Nashville this year when he […]

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‘Making it’ as a meat cutter

“All of my mom’s prayers have been answered,” says Thomas Tangaro. He’s just steps from the meat case he proudly restocks each morning when he gets in at 5 a.m. I was on a bit of a working vacation when I dropped in mid-morning, the 36-year Foodland meat manager already halfway through his shift at […]

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Like father, (not necessarily) like son

I look young for my age. Always have, hopefully always will, so when it comes to spending time with most cattlemen, I naturally slip into the role of student. And it’s a good thing. There’s so much to learn, so many tales to tell. Listening does a life well, I say, particularly when you’re young. […]

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