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I always thought only old people mused, “Where does time go?” So maybe this is a sign of what category I’m headed for, but May is gone and I don’t know where it went. Poof. Just like that it’s June.

And those of you keeping track have probably already noticed, we forgot to make the grand announcement in our tag & free tagger giveaway.

Everybody had different reasons for using ID, but here’s the comment from our winner (as chosen by a random drawing):

Sara Faivre-Davis says, “I heard a talk by someone from SYSCO at the Houston Livestock Show. He encouraged every cattle producer to look at their animals as the final product (beef). We’re big data geeks here, too. We use it for our breeding stock sales, but have also taste-tested ground beef and steaks from nearly 200 animals, all with full pedigree information. We also have cutout and yield data on these cattle.

There ARE differences in marbling, tenderness, cutability and yield that run in families. Of course, selecting for these things means producers must get paid for them. CAB premiums are a good step. Start with good (pedigreed) seedstock,manage them right and then get that data to help you get better!”

 The first step in all this data collection is ID and now,thanks to our friends at The Tag Store, by the American Angus Association, Sara will have an easier time with that. She’s won 50 XLarge visual tags and a tagger.

Sara, you just need to contact Sara Snider ( at the Association to collect your prize.

Thanks for your input & may your bottom line be filled with black ink,


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I love God, my kids, my hubby, rural life, agriculture and working for CAB. I’m officially the director of producer communications, which basically means I get to learn from lots of smart people and pass that information along to lots of other smart people: you. I’m so lucky to work with cattle producers and other folks in this great industry. (Oh, and one more job perk? I get to eat lots of really yummy beef.)
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