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Beef’s a trip day 29: The boss

If you search “consumer” on our producer website, you’ll get 400+ results. That is to say: we talk about the consumer a lot.

That’s because, as I often hear presenters says, they’re the only source of new dollars in our business.

Sam Hands, Triangle H, Garden City, Kan.

Cattle feeder Sam Hands once put it this way: “Today’s John Q. Public does not go to work to put a roof over his head and food on his table. He goes to work today so he can pay for what he wants to do on his time off. Most entertainment involves eating and that’s where beef comes in. We’ve got a unique product— it can adjust to a lot of different environments, a lot of different feedstuffs, and still put out the most nutritious, most sought-after flavor, but the consumer is boss and we’ve got to keep that in mind.”

And here at CAB, we do a lot more than just keep that in mind. We have a whole slew of people who act on the idea that the consumer is boss.

Chef Scott and Chef Kyle in action!

Our chef team would be the most visible of the folks leading that charge. (Meet Chef Scott, Chef Michael and Chef Kyle here.) They do cooking demonstrations at home and garden shows and for TV and radio. They develop new recipes and share cooking tips.

We participate in events where we hope to reach new consumers, and where we can try to reach out to the “foodies.” Our team has been spotted at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival, the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen and the Cattle in the Vines event in California’s wine country.

They’re always coming up with super-creative campaigns and ideas. Last spring the James Beard Foundation (the prestigious culinary foundation, highly regarded by chefs everywhere ) hosted a “pop-up” store in New York City. It created a buzz in the city’s popular Chelsea District and we were part of it, showcasing a steak of the day and hosting a “Cowboys and Cleavers” program. On Cowboy Fridays city folks flocked to our space to meet ranchers from across the U.S.

I could go on and on with events, but the main point is that we not only care about consumers but we reach out to them on your behalf.

We want them to know what you do—the work, the dedication and the care you take. We also want them to know how to pick the right piece of meat for their recipe and how to cook it.

Because it takes you years to produce that product and in a matter of minutes they will either perfect it or mess it up.

So with that, I’ll leave you with one of our recent endeavors on that front: Beef Tips. Here’s Chef Michael

May your bottom line be filled with black ink,


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