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Dr. Corah LIVE!

It was my senior year at South Dakota State University and I was in Dick Pruitt’s beef production class. Walking in to the Animal Science complex that morning, Dr. Pruitt said, “Hey, you should stick around to meet our speaker after class. Sometimes his company looks for freelance writers.”

Paying my own way through college, I was never one to turn down the chance to earn some extra cash. But over the next hour as I listened, I realized I probably would have wanted to meet Larry Corah after class anyway. He was dynamic, thoughtful and compelling.

That class period probably changed the course of my life, as he encouraged me to apply for an open position at CAB, and the rest is history.

But what does this have to do with you?

If you’ve never had a chance to chat with Larry, this is your lucky week. We’re doing something we’ve never done before—hosting a live chat on Facebook this Friday at noon Central Time.

We’ll post a photo of Dr. Corah and a few words to kick off the chat. All you have to do is write your question in the comment field and Larry will answer you in real time. (And as a bonus, at the end of the hour we’ll put all of the participants’ names into a random drawing for a couple of CAB prizes!)

This is your chance to tap into some of his decades of experience, first in academia including a longtime gig in Kansas State University Extension, plus another 14 years at Certified Angus Beef.

To say he knows the beef industry would be an understatement. Experiences from his North Dakota roots to Canada to Australia (where he worked for 2 years), have given him a unique perspective.

Plus he knows data. My word. (And I know, because he finds the research. I write about it. Repeat.)

Larry continues to author scholarly papers to this day, but a recent tally noted 75 peer-reviewed publications and papers, 158 abstracts and 143 KSU Cattlemen’s Day Reports. A great collaborator, he co-authored many of those with students, peers and sometimes veterinarians. Yet speaking is his thing.

To the tune of 1,200 Extension presentations in Kansas alone. He has presented in 39 other states and six Canadian provinces.

While at K-State his research and study brought focus to the area of cow-herd efficiency, combining the disciplines of ruminant nutrition with reproductive physiology. Ask him about genetics. Ask him about feedlot performance or weaning or health. He knows it all but never comes across as a “know-it-all.” If you’re a producer, he’s one of us.

Larry has devoted the last couple of decades to pointing out the links between high-quality beef and profit. Because he believes in it. And he knows producers all over the country that will benefit from that knowledge.

So, join us over on our Facebook page on Friday. Park yourself in front of your computer or Smartphone and have your lunch with one of the most intelligent people I know. It could just change your course…

May your bottom line be filled with black ink,


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I love God, my kids, my hubby, rural life, agriculture and working for CAB. I’m officially the director of producer communications, which basically means I get to learn from lots of smart people and pass that information along to lots of other smart people: you. I’m so lucky to work with cattle producers and other folks in this great industry. (Oh, and one more job perk? I get to eat lots of really yummy beef.)
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