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More than Just Genetics

Stepping through the doors of Pat and Marilyn Herring’s house near Veteran, Wyo., is like walking into a family reunion. Gathered around the kitchen island, Bill Haas, Kevin Nichols and Pat Herring compare ideas as owners of G Bar H Genetics. Pat’s sons, Boone and Crocket, stand off to the side while two young cowboys, Cade and Cord, bounce around unable to keep still. Marilyn, Pat’s wife, weaves in and out making sure all are taken care of, adding in bits of conversation where she is sure the boys have left something out.

Back Row: Kevin Nichols, Pat Herring, Bill Haas. Front: Cade and Cord Herring.

Back Row: Kevin Nichols, Pat Herring, Bill Haas. Front: Cade and Cord Herring.

I would have to draw you a family tree to explain how everyone is related. But raising quality Angus bulls is in their genes, a tradition they carry out on the land homesteaded by their ancestors in 1910.

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“People have to like you before they will buy something from you,” says Pat.

Charlie Farthing, a commercial Angus producer from Cheyenne, Wyo., has been a G Bar H customer for nearly 15 years. Their business model of providing good cattle and being a quality partner has kept him coming back.

“We like the cattle,” Farthing says. “Not only are you buying quality cattle but you are buying from a good cattle family; they know the cattle and are honest about them. You can tell they take a great deal of pride in what they raise. They stand behind their cattle and if there is a problem they will deal with it. You know the bulls are coming from somebody you can trust.”

And someone who can help you claim that CAB premium. Farthing has carcass data over several years that shows G Bar H genetics have helped him earn premiums and most importantly to him, avoided deductions on the rail.

Story tour June 2014 246Even more than that, Farthing can depend on the family for help when he needs it. Cade, 13, and Cord, 11, often head over to his ranch to help with branding and anything else he may need. All he has to do is make the call.  

Getting that premium beef to the plate takes more than just quality cattle. It takes hard-working cattlemen and women who show the real value of a handshake and good word. Those are great traditions, sure. But customer trust can add black ink to your bottom line, too.


Ride along with the Certified Angus Beef supply development team as we work to help cattlemen put more black ink in their record books with cattle management news, tips and ideas to profitably improve quality. CAB is a nonprofit subsidiary of the American Angus Association. It was founded in 1978 as the first fresh beef brand based on specifications, and remains the largest in the world. We spend every day working with cattlemen and women across the country to help them better supply the CAB brand with high-quality beef. Join us for a view from many a pickups' passenger seat.
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