Following the Calves

Following the Calves: An introduction

As writers, we have the privilege to get to know and share the great stories of Angus ranchers near and far. You’re a progressive bunch and keep us busy with new ideas and management practices to share with readers. But like any good book, the final chapter can be bittersweet as we say our “see you laters.”

We look forward to new projects, but after getting to know a rancher and their cattle, we also want to keep in touch.

Has drought affected their weaning schedule?

How will they select a feedyard?

Wonder what their performance will be…

How did the cattle do on the rail?

Is their selection criteria going to stay the same this year?

These and many more questions swarm through our heads, so we decided to stay in touch, ask and share answers with readers.

Over the course of the next year we’re going to follow along with a group of cattlemen committed to quality and improving the genetics of their own cowherds. Ranchers from the southeast, northern Rockies, central Plains and desert Southwest will provide a realistic diversity of what it’s like to raise and feed cattle in different parts of our country.

We want to explore the feeding side of the industry with you. We want to answer questions you’ve always wanted to ask. We want to be there when the decisions are made.

We want to Follow the Calves.

Check back tomorrow as we begin the journey in sunny Florida.

Hope you enjoy the ride,



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Born and raised in the Sunshine State, I grew up surrounded by more livestock than people on my family’s working cattle ranch. A willingness to address a crowd and an eagerness to ask questions led to my passion for spreading the word of agriculture. A lover of words, cattle and those who produce them, I couldn't ask for a better job. A Gator grad, blessed by years of learning and Tebow football, I’m a firm believer that people should be honest, lyrics should be moving and tea should be sweet. I love music, my family, my God, and of course writing for CAB.
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