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Every number has a story: 139

baconcheeseburgerIt’s the usual Friday night and my friend and I are heading out to grab a bite to eat. After countless suggestions on where to go, we finally both settle on Red Robin. Famous for their “Finest Gourmet Burgers,” I can’t wait to sink my teeth into their bacon cheddar burger.

My friend scans the menu trying to decide between ordering the crispy chicken salad and one of their juicy, fire-grilled “Black Angus” burgers.

“Look, Jenny!” says Rachel. “They’re using beef from the company (Certified Angus Beef) you work for,” as she points at the text that reads, “½ pound of 100% Black Angus.”

I chuckle and think to myself, have I not taught my friend anything? Do people really get the quality of Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) mixed up with generic Angus beef? As an Angus producer, I know not all Angus beef is the same, but do other consumers?

If you have ever-stepped foot in a grocery store or visited a steakhouse, it’s likely you’ve seen signs stating they sell Angus beef. There are 139 USDA certification programs that use “Angus” in the name. Does this mean all Angus beef is created the same? Absolutely not.

CAB-RGBThe number 139 represents anyone using the word “Angus” in their menu or marketing, whether that’s a grocery store or a restaurant. Many well-known merchants and corporations have taken the undeniable popularity of Angus beef and used it in their favor.

These marketing ploys can easily stump the average consumer so that they think the quality of their standard Angus burger from McDonalds is equal to that requiring the much greater time and focus cattle producers are putting in to get the premium quality of CAB.

Tracey Erickson, CAB vice president of marketing, is helping to clear up the confusion some consumers may have about the beef they are putting on their plate.

“We really focus on how Certified Angus Beef is a brand of beef, rather than Angus as a category,” Tracey says. “That is critical in all of our promotions and advertising, as we work closely with all of our licensed partners to make sure they utilize the brand logo and three-word phrase whenever possible.”

Another important point Tracey and her team are trying to get across to consumers is the brand’s remarkable equity that has been built across 37 years.

“When we ask consumers questions online or in focus groups about our product, they say they do know the difference in quality between Angus beef and Certified Angus Beef,” she says.

This information really helps prove CAB is standing out against other Angus categories and competitors. I know the difference – do you?



Jenny Keyes grew up as the fifth generation on her family’s Springfield, Neb., farm. Her early experiences—which included showing Angus cattle—inspired her to keep on learning about all things agriculture. Our current industry information intern, Jenny is a senior ag communications major at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.



Follow along as we blog our way through November. Here’s what you may have missed in our “Every number has a story series”:

Day one: $6.93

Day two: 2.5 million

Day three: $204.10

Day four: 12.1 million

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Day six: 8 million

Day seven: 139

Day eight: $39

Day nine: 30.1%

Day 10: 120 million

Day 11: -2.26

Day 12: 12 to 15 minutes 

Day 13: 30%

Day 14: 32 million

Day 15: $154,000



Ride along with the Certified Angus Beef supply development team as we work to help cattlemen put more black ink in their record books with cattle management news, tips and ideas to profitably improve quality. CAB is a nonprofit subsidiary of the American Angus Association. It was founded in 1978 as the first fresh beef brand based on specifications, and remains the largest in the world. We spend every day working with cattlemen and women across the country to help them better supply the CAB brand with high-quality beef. Join us for a view from many a pickups' passenger seat.
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