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Every number has a story: 118


There’s always a reaction.

From faraway adventures to in-state meetings, when I tell people I work for the Certified Angus Beef brand, I usually garner a smile.

But it’s another response that I enjoy the most: when I tell those more familiar with the brand’s scope and less with its nature behind the scenes that 118 people make up its inner workings.

p923823887-5“It definitely comes down to the audience,” Senior Vice President Brent Eichar says of how people respond to the number of individuals employed full time by the brand.

For some, it’s a shock that so few have such an impact. For others, it’s a surprise that so many are committed to the success of the thousands of partners that comprise the entire beef chain.

Not to mention the variety of talents each one brings to the table. With 94 in Wooster and 24 out and about, there are scientists and secretaries, planners and public relations specialists. Even chefs and writers, too.

“For our licensees, it’s about the 118 people who wake up every morning to help them grow their demand, their profitability in sales – ultimately achieving our mission.”

p338598200-5Brent was there when there were seven and he’ll be there when the next one joins the team, all with a perspective and wisdom that can only come from a veteran staffer who’s seen it all.

“Our goal is to be as personal now as we were then,” he says, “whether it’s interaction with our staff or our customers. We place a focus on customer service and value being a good partner.”

That partner thing comes with a lot of responsibility as more than 17,500 businesses comprise the team of licensees that span across 52 other countries.

Brent says we’ve been responsive to the outside growth by strengthening our skills on the inside.

“What’s probably changed is the scope of things we touch, such as our graphic services and our digital marketing.”

p1089519843-5Comparing years past, he’ll say today CAB is “more nimble, more custom and quick – both in number and in skillset of those on our team – we’re involved that much deeper with our partners in their businesses helping them grow and be successful.”

It’s the partnership, though, that deserves the recognition.

“We may be the cheerleaders and the pep squad, but at the end of the day we rely upon them to play the game out on the field,” he says.

We’re here rooting them on, providing them with training and resources to make them a better team, but, ultimately, without our strategic partners across this country, we could never achieve what this brand’s been able to achieve.”

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