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Guess Who’s Back?

A familiar face returns to the Black Ink team.

One of the first assignments I had as an industry information intern for Certified Angus Beef was to write a blog post. Simple task, but when I finished hammering out my word quota, the pressure suddenly mounted.

What would I use as my “sign-off” phrase?!

This photo and story visit was exactly three years ago to the date I’m writing this post! Click on the photo to read about the Lienemanns.

Everyone on the team had a witty or thoughtful ending that consistently wrapped up each post. For example Miranda’s: “May your bottom line be filled with black ink.” To me, this was my moment to create my own version of Walter Cronkite’s “and that’s the way it is”. The bar was set high.

Want to know what I finally decided on?


I couldn’t choose! I just signed my name for the first few posts. Lame, I know. Then… it came to me. Each blog thereafter was signed:

Until next time.

That’s probably a silly phrase for an intern to use since my time with the brand technically was limited. From the day I started, there was already an end date set in stone. However, something told me that somehow, someway there would always be a next time. Until next time seemed a fitting phrase because everyone I met that summer, on my adventures with the brand, I wanted to see again. I also hoped that you feel about this blog the way that I do — that the quality here is as excellent as the beef we write about and it always keeps you coming back for more.

I’m someone who believes in trusting your gut and it was right.

In the years since my CAB internship ended, I took other internships; I graduated from college (go K-State wildcats!); I got married; I moved across the country (North Carolina is beautiful y’all); and took a full-time position with another company. Yet, I continued to appear (although infrequently) on this blog.

Our latest Black Ink team picture with the "newbie" was at Ag Media Summit earlier this summer!

Our latest Black Ink team picture with the “newbie” was at Ag Media Summit earlier this summer!

Recently, I had another opportunity to go with my gut and take a much bigger leap of faith. Two weeks ago, my husband and I packed up our North Carolina home and relocated to Wooster, Ohio, so I could begin my career with CAB officially as the producer communications specialist. Now, you’ll be seeing quite a bit more of me on the blog (and other Black Ink platforms) and the time between my appearances will be much shorter.

I’m so excited to be the newest member of the team and I consider myself blessed to be “back” writing about the business breed, exceptional quality beef and the people who raise it.

Until next time,


Raised in the Strawberry Mountains of Eastern Oregon, I’m a fan of wide open spaces and rural life. I didn't grow up in the beef industry, but I got here as fast as I could. My love for great stories, a well marbled steak and black cattle led me to Ohio where I consider myself blessed to blend my many passions into a "job" at CAB.
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