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Ride along with the Certified Angus Beef supply development team as we work to help cattlemen put more black ink in their record books with cattle management news, tips and ideas to profitably improve quality. CAB is a nonprofit subsidiary of the American Angus Association. It was founded in 1978 as the first fresh beef brand based on specifications, and remains the largest in the world. We spend every day working with cattlemen and women across the country to help them better supply the CAB brand with high-quality beef. Join us for a view from many a pickups' passenger seat.
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A small world of happy surprises

Isn’t it fascinating how small the beef business is? 800,000 cattle ranchers in our country, and I guarantee every time you meet someone in this business, they are likely to know someone who knows you.

I just happened to be home in Wyoming this week on an extended holiday when the folks in St. Joe (home of the American Angus Association) announced the winners of the fourth quarter of the AngusSource Carcass Contest. The winner happened to also call Wyoming home. Now, Wyoming’s a large state, so it was even more ironic that the Vaughn family happened to live just an hour and a half down the windy road from where I grew up. To add a kicker, Dean and Ruth Vaughn happen to live just a mile down the road from the childhood home of the girlfriend whose wedding I am to be in this weekend.

You should know that I love nothing more than my home states (claiming both Wyoming and Nebraska), so I jumped at the chance to give up some vacation time to meet with the Vaughns and take pictures of cattle in our beautiful frozen landscape.

It was a happy surprise for me to get the chance to drive up I-25 and spend the afternoon chatting with these carcass contest winners. But it was an even happier surprise for them when they found out they had won that quarter with a pen of calves they fed at Beller Feedlot near Lindsay, Neb., this winter. An outstanding 66% of their calves graded USDA Prime or met CAB carcass specs.

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Award/contest winners, On the road

Hello, world!

Welcome to our world! What’s that look like? Well, a lot like yours, I’m sure.

The idea for this blog came along one afternoon as I drove away from the Wehrmann Angus Ranch in New Market, Virginia last summer. A writer by trade, I had just spent the day with the management team at Wehrmann and a few of their bull customers. What a great group of cattlemen!

Richard McClung, Wehrmann Angus ranch manager

We had spent the day driving the county looking at cattle, talking about their ranch history, looking over performance data and discussing the tools that build a seedstock business as reputable as Wehrmann Angus.  We had lunch with a bull customer in an awesome small-town cafe. You know the kind: Richard had a hand-written tab at the front, the waitress knew each customer by first name and regular order, and you weren’t getting out of there without a good smothering of gravy and small-town gossip. What a day.
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