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Hard work, luck and smarts

Timmerman wins Feeding Quality Forum honors

Sometimes it’s easy to see where a person is and forget where they’ve been. It’s easy to stare down the success in the here-and-now, without even a glance at their past. When I learned Gerald Timmerman won our Feeding Quality Forum Industry Achievement Award, I knew the family in generalities…for their feeding businesses spread across […]

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Time tested

We’ve dubbed it the “smiling house.” On my family’s regular route through the Sandhills, there’s a lonely old place, rain and time have left the wood devoid of color. Yet, with its classic, square farmhouse design—and a little imagination—its two upstairs windows make eyes. It sags so much that the porch looks like it’s turned […]

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On the ranch

Nothing owed

A reminder from the cow to the cowboy

Groups more humble than cattlemen and women are few and far between, but I’ve often heard ranchers called “salt of the Earth” people. Many lessons applicable for working with livestock come from simple wisdom, and now and then it’s the livestock doing the teaching. I’m not talking about the cow that gets protective or feisty around her newborn calf. […]

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Dreamers and doers

Voran family knows wishing wells run dry

If you could have one wish, any wish, what would it be? More resources, greater assets, the best genetics or something else? My recent time back in Kansas reminded me that everyone works with what they have. It’s fun to dream, but at the end of the day some factors won’t change overnight. Progress requires […]

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Beef chain in the backyard

“When the snow melts and the boat docks are in, CAB better be on the shelf.” I’m in the passenger seat of a Ford pickup backed up to a large animal veterinarian’s practice. I’m in a border town of Wyoming and Idaho about to unload a horse off a trailer. I’m with Jim Benedict and […]

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