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On the road

Living their story

The Bledsoes rely on consistent suppliers to raise consistent cattle

Meet Lucile: She’s 96 and flies a Beechcraft. Then there’s her son Bob, who started digging up dinosaur bones on their ranch as a relaxing hobby. Bob’s son Grant fly fishes in Alaska. When I visited the Bledsoe family near Wray, Colorado, last week, it was a bit like reading a page-turner. With each question, […]

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Hot topics

Keeping after it

“You’re a great mom!” When people say that, I hope it’s true. But sometimes the remark comes as I’ve just luckily (somehow) managed to get through church with relatively quiet, happy children for an entire service. Sometimes strangers say that when we’re at a restaurant. They’re impressed we have six little people at the table, […]

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Beef chain in the backyard

“When the snow melts and the boat docks are in, CAB better be on the shelf.” I’m in the passenger seat of a Ford pickup backed up to a large animal veterinarian’s practice. I’m in a border town of Wyoming and Idaho about to unload a horse off a trailer. I’m with Jim Benedict and […]

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Catching up on those quality records

It doesn’t sound like a busy salebarn café or have the same ambience as a back table at the farm supply, but I’d argue that our weekly supply team conference calls are a CAB version of a coffee klatch. We aren’t gathered around the same table (but video conferencing helps us feel connected!), we don’t […]

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On the ranch, On the road

A Heritage of Quality

Learning to care about quality from five generations before him

The first thing we talked about was how dry the winter had been. It was mid-April and the Kansas prairie didn’t look a day after January. Andy Larson’s cows were out on pasture near Green, Kan., but still being supplemented as, ironically, there was very little green grass in sight. While it was too early […]

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