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Time tested

We’ve dubbed it the “smiling house.” On my family’s regular route through the Sandhills, there’s a lonely old place, rain and time have left the wood devoid of color. Yet, with its classic, square farmhouse design—and a little imagination—its two upstairs windows make eyes. It sags so much that the porch looks like it’s turned […]

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On the road

Living their story

The Bledsoes rely on consistent suppliers to raise consistent cattle

Meet Lucile: She’s 96 and flies a Beechcraft. Then there’s her son Bob, who started digging up dinosaur bones on their ranch as a relaxing hobby. Bob’s son Grant fly fishes in Alaska. When I visited the Bledsoe family near Wray, Colorado, last week, it was a bit like reading a page-turner. With each question, […]

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Predictable cattle in a business that’s anything but

Steady. In a world where changes seems hard to predict, where prices are volatile and weather is, too, it’s nice to have something constant to rely on. That’s what Nebraska cattle feeder Terry Beller has in Montana rancher John Riley. “The cattle, they’re real predictable. I know how they’ll gain. I know how they’ll grade, […]

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Correlated traits

These are quite possibly the nicest people I’ve ever met. I distinctly remember thinking that as I left one of my first story stops for CAB. I was covering Nebraska ranchers Myron and Kay Beatty, who were to receive our Commitment to Excellence Award later that year. I rode around in their pickup and learned about […]

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Feed prices down, risk ever apparent

“You must manage your risk.” Dan Basse, president of AgResource Company, has headlined the Feeding Quality Forum for the past six or seven years. He’s covered $2 corn to $8 corn, but that message remains constant. Sure, the risk changes, but it’s important to manage it. This year he told us the “bio boom” is […]

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